selections from  "Late Night Harp"  CD

People are saying...

"If the genre "Easy Listening" conjures up images of a hotel lobby, an elevator, a doctor's waiting room, Kenny G's latest release and other "muzak" types, this classy, sophisticated and warming album of solo harp will come as a life-saver.  With a mellow, jazzy touch that gently blends in Pop and with melodies that are so lovely that even when original, they are already familiar, this album is one that will stay at the top of your collection for years to come."

Tamara Turner CD Baby

"this CD seems right from her heart.  It feels very honest, there comes a true feeling that she really stands behind her instrument.  This it to be enjoyed in a very thoughtful way."

Thomas Burgess

"So fine.  Solo harp, Jazz standards, tunes from the Beatles... So fine and so relaxing!"

Benoit Rouits

"I have only one thing to say.  Bu this CD.  It's SO good!!! Sweet sounding and well done!!  It gets five stars in my book."

Tim from Sound Gallery Chicago IL.