Pop Lesson Series

The POP LESSON SERIES was designed to teach harp students to play a pop arrangement. I developed this series as a tool for students who are currently at a High Advanced- Beginner or Intermediate level of harp instruction and are interested in adding a pop piece to their repertoire. This is not a series that will teach you how to play the harp.  I firmly believe basic harp instruction requires the hands on guidance of a qualified teacher. 

Each Series contains 3-5 Video Lessons which walk online students through the step by step process I take my “live” students through when learning a new arrangement. My goal in creating the Series is to provide an accessible, affordable, and engaging learning opportunity for harp students who, for one reason or another, are looking for an additional avenue for expanding their skills and repertoire.

Each Series includes the Video Lessons Set, a hard copy of the arrangement, a PDF of my personal teaching copy or Worksheets with my own fingerings and brackets, Audio Practice Loops, and Rhythm PDFs. Videos are available are available 24/7 and accessible for 12 months. Students who purchase the Series will also have 12 month access to the SERIES MEMBERS portal on my website where they can access all Series related tools and updates.

In addition to the satisfaction of adding a great new piece to your repertoire, each Series will also teach skills that students will be able to use again and again when approaching a pop piece. Students will learn arrangement specific techniques as well aw a method for breaking pop pieces down into manageable learning chunks, a system for learning pop rhythms, and a strategy for increasing muscle memory. 


"Very thorough, able to replay the lessons, play along with Michelle.  Clear instructions broken into sections"

"Just finished Lesson 4 today... Feeling confident... Really like being able to replay and play along as I am learning."

"A wonderful experience..."

"...liked the thorough explanations and the play along tracks."

"... what Michelle is offering is quite unique in that at the end of the Series, rather than having "pieces" of things that you learned, you have "whole" new piece to add to your repertoire.  A song that is recognizable, beautifully arranged, and requested by brides and clients."

" ... a 24/7 resource for A THOUSAND YEARS.  I have Michelle's teachings, tips, insights round the clock..."

B. Davidson, S. Seltzer and K. Shelton

*Coming soon*

Blackbird - The pop Lesson series

Learn to play the INT. arrangement of this beloved Beatles hit

in 5 video lessons.

available Nov. 1, 2017

Pop Lesson Series- A thousand Years

The Pop Lesson Series: A THOUSAND YEARS contains 5 lessons, each approximately 20-40 minutes in length.  Some practice time is built into each lesson making each video roughly equivalent to a 60-90 minute lesson.  You will have access to the entire video series for 12 months, so you can proceed thru the lessons at your own pace and return to any areas that may need a little extra work.  The lessons each build on the previous one and are meant to be viewed in chronological order.  A minimum of at least 5 practice sessions will likely be needed between each lesson.

Once you have purchased the Series, you will receive an email confirmation within 72 hours containing class information, a teaching copy of the arrangement, and video site passwords.  The lessons are stored on a private video site and only registered students will have access to the lessons.  In addition, registered students will also receive - 

  1. A hard copy of the arrangement via mail.
  2. A PDF of my teaching copy of the arrangement developed specifically for the online series and complete with my personal fingerings and brackets.
  3. A series of audio practice loops ( MP3's) organized by lesson.
  4.   An instructional rhythm PDF.


  1. PIVOTS - (changes in direction) in both the right and left hand.
  3. FUNDAMENTALS OF 6/8 RHYTHM, counting while playing
  4. Understanding of EIGHTH, SIXTEENTH, and DOTTED QUARTER notes and rests.
  5. Comfort with 4-2-1 FINGERINGS IN THE LEFT HAND
  6. JUMPS in the left hand accompaniment, playing a single note with the 4th finger and jumping up for a chord.
  7. PLACING GROUPS OF 3 AND 4 fingers at the same time.
  10. LEVER HARP TUNING for the key of Bb
  11. experience using a METRONOME.

Students should also have BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS and a high speed connection is recommended.

To purchase the Pop Lesson Series: A THOUSAND YEARS click here.